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Meditation Apps

A few months ago, I decided to investigate which smartphone apps there might be to support a meditation practice.

Almost immediately, I found There are two versions: free and paid (subscription.)

The free has a basic timer and a limited feature set of paid version which provdies access to a number of different background scenes, background white noise, and an assortment of guided meditations. I paid for a quarterly subscription and used that app for a few months but have recently canceled my subscription. Even though I found the woman’s voice of the guided meditations pleasant, I eventually found myself annoyed with the monotony of her style and inflection and the way the meditations seem programmatically assembled. I found myself using the premium content of guided meditations lesson less and less and instead found myself more often using the timer feature.

Recently a friend brought my attention to Insight Timer. I was immediately drawn to the pleasant sounding Buddhist bells and I like that they have a library of different guided meditation’s from different recognized practitioners. I also like that there’s only a (nominal) one-time fee for upgrade. FWIW.

DISCLAIMER: I do not stand to financially benefit for advertising either product. I’m merely finding it helpful to share the information I’ve collected in support of a regular meditation practice.