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I still can't get my head around why the stock has been going down since the start of Macworld and the announcement of the fabulous Macbook Air, especially with the quarterly call coming next Tuesday where I expect to hear great numbers given the success of the iPhone last year.

So many analysts say, AAPL's going to go back up. I've heard $200 - $250.

Given the pricetag of the Air in addition to the US economy teetering on the brink of downturn, I don't see Apple selling as many Airs this year at $1,799 a pop as it did iPhones last year for ~$400 each, at least, not in the States. For me, that begs a question: will exports make up for domestic sales thereby continuing to make AAPL attractive for the long term?

I wonder if the Apple brand didn't get enough worldwide exposure in the last twelve months that, coupled with a weak dollar, international sales won't offset any potential sales dips we'll see in the States. Will Apple products continue to be considered desirable luxury (term used loosely here) items in other markets?