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tl;dr : Capybara with phantomjs is the fastest solution around

Years ago, I loved Selenium for everything it made possible, particularly for the Firefox plugin that made it so easy to script-record a user acceptance test and dump it for automation.

Over the years, I have done my fair share of futzing around with Selenium, and when I took a look at Lebowski a few months ago, I thought I had found a silver bullet. It’s really a clean solution for managing everything around acceptance testing, that is, if you’re going to use Selenium.

Today, my solution of choice is Capybara with PhantomJS/poltergeist

So far, Capybara’s DSL is so clean and robust for programmatically defining any user action I’ve come up with. I don’t have any benchmarks to share at this time for vanilla-Capybara tests vs. Capybara w/headless JS (poltergeist) but suffice it to say, I spend noticably less time at the command line.

More to come on how to (acceptance) test your Ember.js apps using Capybara/poltergeist.