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Wasn't sure that it was possible but today I got it to work.  I created an aspx page and in the Page_Load event, performed a query of the database, looped through the results, and wrote out a simple HTML dropdown list using Response.Write().  Am already logged in so I guess the session is passed with XMLHTTPRequest. I noticed that when I try to use a server control instead of just writing out some HTML in the form of strings, it doesn't work.  I get the following exception: "Control ... of type 'DropDownList' must be placed inside a form tag with runat=server." as a workaround, I'll just keep using*: Response.Write(" ")    For Each result As Object In DBResults             Response.Write(" " & result.key & " ")   Next   Response.Write(" ") Response.Flush()     * Requires tweaking to transform into useful VB .NET code.  If you know how to convert code into intelliglble text for WordPress, let me know...