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When I arrived in the bay area about three years ago, I felt like somewhat of a pariah given that I had been most recently working with Microsoft technologies and was trying to get a job amongst LAMP developers in the most competitive place in the world to do so. I fell back on my previous Perl experience and found a sweet gig at Yahoo in what essentially is the dev tools part of the organization.

A few years later, now that I've been able to come up for some air and take a look around, I've noticed that the world has gone the way of RoR and Python. I was telling a friend recently, "it sure is hard to find web dev positions for Perl developers" and he responded (because he's looking to fill some reqs,) "it sure is hard to find Perl developers for our web dev positions."

So, which of RoR and Python to learn first? I'm a big believer in learning by doing, so now I just need to sit down and develop a service in one of the two. Python, bring it on.