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Lots to catch up on. Have been away for ten days in Austria and just got back today. Happy New Year!

One of many topics to blog about from the trip happened today as we were landing. An announcement came from the cockpit that anybody with a connecting flight to a destination in the US other than San Francisco would need to check any duty-free liquids they'd bought.

"What a pain," I thought, "people make it all the way from Europe with duty-free goods in their hand luggage and then they have to risk the bottle(s) breaking in their checked luggage."

As I mulled the misfortune of those affected, I couldn't help but think of the poor soul (a US citizen) I saw the last time I was in Frankfurt who had purchased a bottle of Limoncello in Italy, flew to Germany, and then was stopped by the German security officers who refused to let him board a flight to the US with the bottle.

He had purchased the bottle in an Italian duty-free shop and it had been sealed in a plastic bag according to European standards. When he arrived in Germany, he was told that the Italian security measures weren't enough for a US flight and that he wouldn't be allowed to carry the bottle on with him.

After about ten minutes of bickering with the German security personnel, he took the bottle and do you know what he did? He downed it! Good thing I wasn't sitting next to him...