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Started the conference off with an interesting keynote speaker, Trip Hawkins, co-founder of Electronic Arts, the same company that produced a basketball game that I spent many hours on in my youth. I'll admit, in that room of hard-core game developers and business types, it was a bit odd for me to be there given my background. However, my strategy is to appeal to game companies looking to further their online presence, for which I'm sure there's opportunity given the growth of the web via social software in the last year AND advancements in ubiquitous computing (and accessibility to the Internet) via mobile devices. Game Development per say is interesting but I'm not a game developer who's interested in a web developer position because that's what hot right now. Rather, I'm someone who loves web technologies and would enjoy being part of a game development team in the role of developing front-end browser-based components (can anyone say "Rich Internet Applications"?) or back-end web services. A "contrarian strategy" as Trip said in his keynote and I believe fairly in-line with the context he meant it in.