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Today, after a week battling Perl, Java, Selenium, crontabs, virtual roots and vm's, I finally have a fairly decent working solution for automated regression testing.

Where did it start?

I was handed a legacy web app in Perl which came with *NO* testing whatsoever and asked to add some new features. How were we supposed to know if a new feature broke any old ones? We'd hear it from users.

That wasn't a good situation so I set about to bolt on some regression testing. It took longer than anticipated but it's good for the overall health of the app so I can rationalize the time spent.

I had previously used Selenium RC for a Catalyst project so I knew the power of Selenium and decided to go with it as part of a toolkit for my test suite.

Where has it ended?

In the last week, I've been able to...

Does Michael Phelps feel this good?