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I ran a 1:21:59 in the Bay to Breakers race last week. While I'm certainly not going to give the Kenyans a run for their money (and, at just over $1,000 a minute when you take winnings divided by time, that's a pretty decent hourly wage,) I was happy with the time and to finish the race without even really training beforehand.

I recently got an email about the photos which were professionally taken along the race route. I was really looking forward to them but the company that took the photos isn't making them available for download. The only way you can get a digital copy is if you order a photo CD which costs $59.95 for the entire batch of photos taken of you or $34.95 for a single image.

All of their images have watermarks. I'd like to have one or two of the shots but certainly not all of them (and certainly not at $59.95) so I tried to right-click an image to save it and I noticed that I couldn't. Sure enough, when I inspected the source, I found some Javascript:

// Disable right-click
if (event.keycode == 96) { return false; }