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I like Vienna for so many things but you have to love the customer service ethic that pervades all Viennese service professions, including in the doctor's office (chuckle!) Here's a real exchange - translated into English from German - between a patient (P) and a front desk attendant (A) that I witnessed today. P: Excuse me but I've been waiting for over two hours. How much longer is it going to be? A: (somewhat agitated) I'm sorry, we're really full today. P: It's really too much. Other people have come after me and they're alredy finished. A: (really agitated) NO, THAT'S NOT RIGHT. THEY CAME AND THEY WENT AND THEY CAME AGAIN. (P walks back to waiting room, A walks around corner to lab, comes back after finishing something, and yells at P who is no longer in sight...) A: ARE YOU GOING TO STAY OR ARE YOU GOING?!? (No response from P. A waits and waits and waits and finally returns to her business.)