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Several months ago, my brother came to town. He wanted a good steak dinner so we went to one of the best steakhouses in town.

Our table wasn't quite ready when we arrived so we sat at the bar for a drink. When it was time to be seated we made our way into the dining room but as we were leaving the lounge area, a trio of jazz musicians were setting up. As I was leaving, I noticed and immediately recognized the drummer: Peter Magadini of polyrhythm fame. Unbelievable after all these years; Peter was setting up to play in the steakhouse where we were about to have dinner!

The trio played a set and when they took a break, I rushed up to greet Peter and tell him my story of having met him years previously. What a rush to meet a musician I so admire in a steakhouse in SF.

And yes, the steaks were fantastic. The best I've ever had, actually.