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Saw a pretty cool demo of this where, at least according to the rep demoing the product and judging by what I saw in the demo, you can construct a visualization (e.g. graph/diagram/chart) in a Java thick client (Swing?) and then export it to the web with the same sort of WYSIWYG AJAX-y functionality as is in the thick client!


2007-09-26 UPDATE: Last night I got to thinking... as part of the demo, I had seen charts/diagrams/etc. in a fat Java client and then the same elements in a webpage which seemed to have the same functionality. It struck me; as part of the demo, I didn't see an ILOG representative actually generate the webpage incl. graph elements from the Java client.

This morning, I went in to the ILOG booth to have a second look. Come to find out, the graphing components are made available in an MVC fashion but the AJAX interactivity isn't provided out-of-box, meaning that to get true Java-2-AJAX we would need to implement lots of "V" and "C" (the components are encapsulated as "M".) Oh. That adds a lot of development time...