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Long before I had heard of 43 Things, I knew Ryan. Long before I knew Ryan, I had a PDA. Well, after I got to know Ryan, he told me that his mother kept a list of 50 goals of what she wanted to do in her life and whenever she would finish one, she would cross it off the list and add another. That way, she would always have a challenge and stay motivated to accomplish new things. I was rather impressed by the system and took it to heart creating a category called "50Goals" in my PDA and in Outlook (for synchronization of course.) Since then, that's where I keep my list of things I'd like to do someday. Skip ahead several years when I heard about 43 Things. "Well" I said to myself "the advantage here is two fold. Once you tell somebody about your goal, you're that much more bound to it because of the face-saving factor. Also, having a community of others interested in your success is another positive motivator." That's when I set about to figure a way to sync my "50Goals" category with 43 Things to enjoy having my goals on my PDA as well as enjoying the benefits of a global community. I almost have a solution. Check back here again soon for 43 Things integration with Microsoft Outlook... Aug. 28th, 2006 UPDATE:  I just noticed that I have 113 tasks with the "50Goals" label.  Maybe I should have called the category "100+Goals."