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Can you believe it? I'm playing with electronic PIMs again. I keep thinking I'll find the perfect Outlook-like app for the web that offers the same speedy functionality whether on a mobile device or in a browser on my desktop.

This morning I was playing around with AirSet on my mobile phone. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in ubiquity. Now, if only I could email tasks to a certain list...

One of the reasons cool things about Gmail is number ten on the list of little-known Gmail features; the ability to modify "from" in the email header. One of the other cool things is the filters capability (which did not make the list so everyone knows about it, right?)

The things I find so clever about filters is that you can create tasks via email (provided you set up the filter for a "todo" filter.)

This afternoon, I saw that 30Boxes is making an API available to - among other things - programmatically add tasks to your todo list. A cron job and some PHP would make it really easy to consume todo's as emails, regardless of whether I'm sitting in front of Outlook or whether I'm making use of an opposable digit on my cellphone. Now, if they only had great mobile service like AirSet...