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Please excuse the mess while I update my blog; I'm "cleaning house" as I port to Jekyll. Images might be off in terms of size, there aren't any post titles or tags, styling isn't the way I want it, etc.

A while back, I wanted to move from WordPress to something more Ruby-friendly. I looked at Mephisto, RadiantCMS, and Jekyll and ulitmately decided on Jekyll given its level of maturity, the fact that Github's behind it, and because it provided decent migrations tools.

There are a few reasons I'm moving the blog:

In the course of the migration, I've made use of this Posterous-to-Jekyll tool. The script itself is dead simple to use and works like a charm, but it won't help you getting your blog up when you don't know a thing about Jekyll (blogpost potential of my learnings? indeed...)

As you might notice, there's no way to comment here. There's two reasons for that:

  1. I don't know if you can with Jekyll
  2. Even if you can, I don't think I'll enable commenting; I'd rather not spend time "weeding the garden." This blog is more of a way to document for posterity than it is an interactive medium. Twitter/Facebook/etc. are the publishing channels where interaction is encouraged.

BTW, I owe a debt of gratitude to Alex Payne for providing a framework to get started from in terms of having a Jekyll blog. If you're handy with git, are interested in using Jekyll, and can read the (fairly simple) Jekyll How-To, do yourself a favor and git clone Alex's blog as a "Hello World" experience; you'll be up-and-running and hands-on with Jekyll in no time.