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Now that I've been successful finding an apartment in the city, here's a summary of my tips.

  1. Walk the beat
    Walk around the neighborhood(s) looking for "For Rent" signs. I found my apartment when I called one of those numbers and the place had just come available that same day! I was the first one to see it and the first one to apply, hence the first one to get it.
  2. Read justinsonmnia's advice
    Once again (in case you weren't paying attention in part I,) check out this. Try reading it before starting your search, not during.
  3. Avoid open houses.
    Once you've read justinsomnia's tips, do yourself a favor, don't get caught up in that mayhem. I did it one Saturday and that was enough to bring back some unpleasant (and strangely similar) memories of apartment hunting in Vienna. Take a week off if necessary to schedule appointments during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.
  4. craigslist
    Duh. But everybody else is using it too...