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There's a great movie coming to town as part of a film festival. I've been telling some cousins that they have to see this film; I was going to even buy the DVD for them but it's not available. I went to the film festival's website and found the film. Great! Alright, now how do I send a link to this page (am on an iPhone.) Let's see... "Email this to a friend"? Nope. Copy and paste the URL? No, I'm on an iPhone, can't. Reddit? Delicious? StumbleUpon? Anything? No. No. No. And no.

Something to keep in mind when designing for today.

By the way, the movie is "Exile Family Movie" and it's coming to the Tiburon International Film Festival. Why don't I include a link? Because I'm moblogging.

UPDATE: Here's the link for the movie (updated via a normal browser.)

UPDATE #2: I just figured out how to send a link to a friend using Safari.