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Only two more weeks until my wife arrives in the States. I'm excited and nervous.

Nervous because of the many things that there still seem to be to do in preparation. Just yesterday I realized that the company moving our stuff (read: luggage) won't be insuring the contents.

Since it's luggage, there's a different set of rules. Now I have to find a insurance company willing to sell me a policy to cover the contents from Vienna to San Francisco.

UPDATE: I found an insurance policy to cover There's nothing like an insurance policy (or release forms for surgery) in a foreign language to see how good you really are.

The ABC's of Moving Yourself Interntionally, Part II

(Sorry it's not text. I tried copying-and-pasting out of Acrobat Reader and got a bunch of gibberish. Does v8.0 encode the Unicode to prevent you from doing such?)