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I came across this conference here in Vienna and became nostalgic. I was at the first one so many years ago and thought it was great. I was working as a volunteer and had the chance to meet Ted Nelson, whom I wouldn't have been able to discern from Adam at the time but whom I subsequently learned was a pioneer in my field. Sorry Ted, I was just getting into the information profession (a.k.a. IA a.k.a. HCI a.k.a. User Centered Design a.k.a. UX.) Anyway, I found Scope2 and was reminded about a scratch I've been itching for a while. Do you know what I've wanted for the longest time? A little handle (a.ka. link) that says "Add this to my calendar" and then *poof!* it's in my electronic calendar. It'd be nice if that were for MS Outlook ('cause I'm such a geek when it comes to Oulook) but what about for Google Calendar? The API's there. I mean, you can Digg a story, auto-add feeds to your news aggregator, and post a link to, so why can't you capture something in your calendar? Now, I've checked out the Google Calendar interface and let me say, I'm not impressed from a GUI standpoint ... yet. It has potential and probably will become the standard calendaring tool in the near future but the problem is making a browser act like a windows app, which all the JavaScript in the world won't achieve. Well, maybe *ALL* the JavaScript in the world could massage a browser into an Outlook-like app but Google Calendar isn't there yet and until it is, I'm sticking with Outlook.