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About a month ago, it was announced that Ignite would be coming to Chirp.

I decided to submit an abstract for a talk, but on what? My wife told me that I should probably make it something Twitter-related but I decided to go in a different direction, given what I saw here.

If you haven't deduced from this post's title, I guess I should listen to her more often in the future.

Anyway, I found myself gravitating towards two particular topics from which I could draw a great deal of personal experience: fitness and nutrition (geeks' favorite topics, right?)

I thought about how to frame a talk for the 5 min/20 slides format. As part of the exercise, I captured a few of the most meaningful moments in my life so far regarding my physical fitness. Based on those events, I focused on distilling the lessons I've learned over the last two decades into 15 second chunks.

Perhaps I'll get to sharing those lessons in the future at a different Ignite session but as my talk wasn't accepted for this round, I thought I would at least blog about each of the moments as they've had an impact on me. I'll save the details for another day, but here are each of the events in a nutshell, reverse-chronological order:

  1. Bootcamp with Maurice Rodriguez
  2. Masters' swimming with Markus Lombardini
  3. Kieser Fitness
  4. Body for Life
  5. Kursalon Fitness/John Harris/Club Danube
  6. Health Dynamics with John Patnott
  7. The Strength Shoe
  8. High School Football & Basketball Coach
  9. HFCS

Over the coming months, I'll look to flesh out each as vignettes as time allows.

(BTW, the speakers who were selected for the evening were great. You can check them out here.)