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I recently downloaded the trial version of PlanPlus for Outlook.  I had been a die-hard Franklin Planner addict before moving to Europe but then had to ween myself off of it because, well, quite simply there aren't any Franklin Planner stores in Vienna. 

So, I felt comfortable with the Covey methodology because I had been using it for years and I was armed with Outlook so I thought "Alright, well, I'll re-create my Franklin Planner electronically using only the basic functionality of Outlook."

In so doing, I've gotten to know the functionality of Outlook pretty well and even came up with a tweak or two to make Outlook "Covey-friendly."  Even still, I recently decided to give PlanPlus for Outlook a try. 

It's only been two days and the jury's still out as to whether I'm going to buy the full version but I'm generally pleased.  The thing I like the most so far is that the interface forces me to follow the methodology.  Even though I did a pretty good job of adapting Outlook for my needs, it still wasn't the same as having a box to constrain my way of interacting with the information (i.e. full-on compact Franklin Planner.)