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My wife came up with a project idea last year for a digital device that would help motivate people to exercise more which she presented in Quebec at CHI. I kept on saying that she should call it the "iPed" but that's water under the bridge.

Not long thereafter, Nike and Apple came out with the Nike+iPod combination. If only my wife would have had VC backing...

Now, I've found what I'd like to call the Über iPed: "The winners of Yahoo!'s first open Hack Day were Black Box Nation ... [t]hey created a blogging purse by hacking fashion (handbag and fabric), hardware (Nokia 6682, pedometer, GPS device, custom stamp, breadboard, wires, soldering iron) and software (CSS, APIs) in less than 24 hours to produce a working prototype.

The custom-designed handbag is rigged with a pedometer and a Nokia 6682. Every 10 steps (this is programmable), the pedometers triggers the 6682 to take a photo."