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As I imagine is the case for most developers, I often receive inquiries from technical recruiters looking to poach me for a client of theirs. I've long had it in my mind to start a series about the sorts of inquiries I get, partly for the comedic relief, partly to instruct tech recruiters about what they should and should be doing.

I'll never name names nor companies but I will provide you with an occasional, true, humorous excerpt where someone is trying to get me to switch jobs. If you are a tech recruiter, learn from others' mistakes. If you're not a tech-recruiter, enjoy the comedy.

I don't need to set up the following excerpt aside from saying that it's the one that finally pushed me off the fence. Like I mentioned, I've long had it in my mind to do this series and this was the one that prodded me to get it going on my blog. It's short, sweet, and to the point. It was taken directly from an email I received yesterday and has not been edited beyond having some HTML markup added to it. Enjoy.

"Please forward me your updated resume along with the best number to reach, so that both of us can help each other out with some good business......"