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I was doing a search today in Amazon's wishlists to see if a certain someone I know maintains one there. Suprisingly, I ran across a number of wishlists for people with the same name. Even more suprisingly, I found a list for someone with the exact same first, middle, and last names as yet another acquaintance of mine whom we'll call George. I checked it out and found a couple of scandulous titles and wondered if the list really belonged to George and if so, does George know that the list is publicly available? I emailed George and found out that it's not his list at all but, by coincidence, someone out there in cyberland just happens to have the same initials and a taste for non-mainstream titles. What can George do? Email the other George and say, "Hey, those are my initials too! Take those titles down so people don't think I'm a perv when they're looking at what they think is my wishlist but is really yours!" What's Amazon's policy on global name ownership? Maybe we should all be assigned IPv6 addresses to truly distinguish ourselves from one another.