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I was cleaning out some files this morning and I came across this, a mission statement I had written for myself as a part of my job search before returning to the States. It's almost dead-on of what I landed. Luck or perseverance? For me, it justs underscores the importance of having a game plan before making the transition.

"In my next position, I will continue contributing as a developer to highly-visible, web-enabled, e-Business solutions while taking on increasing analysis & project management responsibilities.

My ideal work environment would be in the advertising or financial services sectors as part of a team of 3-5 collocated web developers and designers where the developers each have 3+ years of experience with Java (or C#) and XML technologies. In my ideal work setting, I envision direct interaction with customers, an explicit track for advancement, the use an Agile methodology for SOA software development, and the application of User Centered Design principles. The workplace should support a culture of working hard and playing hard."