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So, as part of a bid to connect with my fellow AJAXWorld attendees (besides chit-chatting at lunch and in-between sessions,) I attempted to use a couple of "Web 2.0" tools to locate more Birds-of-a-Feather. It's a conference about "Web 2.0," right? So, there should be plenty of opportunity to connect via the technologies of "web 2.0," right? Because that's what Web 2.0 is all about, connecting people via the Internet, right?

A search on Technorati turned up one person blogging about their experience at AJAXWorld: me. A search on Flickr produced pictures from last year. Looking at the AJAXWorld website, did I find a list of participants? No. Hmmm... Shall I bother with Facebook or MySpace? Yeah, I think not. Maybe one of the sponsoring companies should make their software packages available for Sys-Con to make the AJAXWorld experience a little more 2.0.