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Today I attended a seminar by some internal guys who attended the Adobe MAX and Flash in a Can conferences. They did a show-and-tell of the latest and greatest RIA tech, namely AS3/Flash/Flex. That stuff is off the hook!

That having been said, I'm having a great time honing my Javascript and Perl skills; they're so similar! It's tricky to advance skills in both equally. We have a ton of maintenance and refactoring in Perl to do but we also want to push the envelope of interactivity on the front-end with Javascript.

Even though I'd like to be implementing more in Javascript because there are so many interesting things you can do with it these days, it's nice to be slogging through legacy Perl; it connects me to the generations of C developers and gives me a sense of belonging to the history of Software Engineering.

In other news, yesterday, I celebrated 6 months in my current position.